Friday, August 21, 2009

Illinois Summer Trip

Travis playing ball for his 4-H team...he pitches.

Jodie's new kitten, Nakita...she is a handful!

Me in my favorite shirt...I don't remember why I was making the "face"...LOL

Rod has come and gone from Rockford and Bonnie and I are sad... He had an "issue" with the Miata on the trip home. Not sure how that is panning out, but, I know it freaked him out a bit. He is still talking about it a couple days later.

We have had a great time up here with the coolish weather and all though. The Fair was fun, we have been kayaking with my Mom and my sister in their new kayaks...and in general just hanging out.

Mom says "no more house projects" this summer. But, I hope she will let me paint the garage. That's not too hard to do!

A friend who reads this blog just sent me this incredible link to a series of pictures on the birth of some hummingbirds. The pictures are incredible! Take a look...
Got a show this weekend in Dekalb at the Corn Festival. They expect 100,000 attendees...I hope to sell each and everyone of them soap! LOL
More coming soon!!