Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great Diet Fiasco, January 27, 2011

So my sister Jodie and I started out in December trying to watch our weight to make sure we didn't lose control (too much--that is my feeling, Jodie was really trying!) over the Holidays.  I have a pretty good body image-- which I know is surprising to some of my small friends.  I don't stress on it.

I was thrilled to see the following picture in Glamour.  It is of one of their models and the fact that she was a real person showing her real body--unretouched--made my heart sing.  I immediately "friended" her on Facebook.  LOL  She is about 5' 11" and weighs about 180 giving her a healthy BMI of about 25.  At least 10 points less than mine...thus the annual diet.

But, given our family history of diabetes and heart disease (and everything else known to man) I have to be careful.  I keep thinking that it is going to hit me one a Mack truck, but, I keep doing what I do.  Which is--eating healthy, until I don't.

So, we weigh in on Monday mornings and then I email Jodie and she emails back.  The last three weeks have been dreadful.  In truth, I haven't been doing anything to control myself--no food journals, no increase in exercise and I even made a friend's Toffee recipe with nuts and chocolate chips.  It was yummy, so much so that I am looking forward to making it again...once I get over feeling the guilt.

On the good side, I am using my Wii once again and walking Bonnie Dog most mornings.  I eat much less packaged food than I ever have and I stock the frig with lots of veggies and fruits and the pantry with whole grains.  And occassionally the box of Mac & Cheese and chocolate chips.

So here is to making better choices and perhaps even losing a pound or 60 in the next year.  Jodie, I promise to be better!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Year End 2010

So much happened at the end of the year and I really didn't take time to blog about any of it, so here are the highlights.  Oh I hate even saying that because you all will know just how boring things are here in Orlando!

I did some of my usual shows in November and December (Lake Eola and Tally).  Both of those shows were up significantly from the year before, but, several of the new ones I did left a lot to be desired--St. Augustine and Stuart in particular.  I was especially surprised by the St. Augustine show where I have so many customers.  Perhaps it was the weekend--the annual Christmas Light Up celebration in downtown.  But anyway I had a great time with my friend and customer, Susan--who recently moved up from the Keys to the nation's oldest city.  We had a nice time at the ceremony and had a great dinner with her friend Di.  One show that I did that I think I can grow over time is the one I did the second weekend in New Smyrna Beach, the Flamingo Follies...I will try that again next year!

I got the flu the second week in December and that really messed up our month.  The following week I had to get up all the backed up orders.  The week after, Rod took some time off so we were able to get all the Christmas shopping done and shipped.  But the Christmas cards became a casualty of the time crunch.  I am sure you all missed the Christmas Letter, right???  LOL

Our Anniversary was on the 21st...which brings us to our 25th Anniversary.  Can't believe it has gone this quick!  Having the right guy makes all the difference, don't ya think???  These white roses all opened beautifully and were so made us wonder if they are always better than their colored counterparts?

We had several hard freezes during the month, the first while I was sick, so, I just gave up trying to cover our perishable plants.  We probably lost all the white ginger and the tea olive by the pool pump and a couple hibiscus.  Some of these other ones may make it...hopefully.  

We spent Christmas with our friends Lynn and Paul...who many of you know as the SpiceLady and her boyfriend.  We had a great day with good food made by all of  us...and even some mulled wine to complete the somewhat coolish day.  We traveled up to North Florida the next weekend to spend time with Rod's side...and we had a great dinner at Deb and Jan's followed by a scary movie that we pretty much woke up from to find it about New Years.  Rod who had been sleeping out on the porch actually came in just before to make sure we celebrated properly.  

Bonnie Going for a Ride, January 26, 2011

This is how we ride when Bonnie and I travel together.  I think I was trying to take a still picture and had it set on video instead...but it turned out cute!  LOL