Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winter Park Boat Tour, February 2013

Dad, Mr. Johnson and Mom wait to board

Jackie and Rod

Our neighbor and friend of my parents, Mr. Johnson

Home with sculpture garden

One of the Canals between the lakes

Nice spot for a wedding at a Maitland park

If you ever have an hour to spare and feel like taking an outing in Winter Park, check out the Winter Park Boat Tour located at the east end of Morse Blvd.  You can probably find parking right there or park up on Park Avenue and walk down.  We went on a weekday about 2 p.m. and they had four boats going to get everyone who was waiting a chance to see three lakes in the Winter Park Chain of Lakes.  

It was a gorgeous day and what fun it was to see these stunning homes from the lake side of things.  When we were rounding the shore near Rollins College we saw a group of students sunning out on a pier.  Boy what a nice place to go to school if you have about $30,000 per semester to spare. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Embrace those Wrinkles!

Jackie today at age 50

Jackie aged to 107!  Eek!!

OK, this will make you smile--adding to the likelihood of more of those "smile lines".  I was reading a magazine--when I saw this Merrill Lynch "Face Retirement" link.  Here it is if you are brave enough:

My age progression showed me from age 67, my new full retirement age, through age 107.  Yes, that is the scary picture at the bottom.  Actually the top one is kinda scary too!  LOL  They tell you to do it with a straight face, but, honestly if you are lucky enough to make it to 107, you better be smiling.  Just get rid of all the mirrors and embrace those wrinkles!

In the same vein, I also spent an hour nosing around the Social Security Administration's new online site:  You know how we used to receive the statements detailing what our benefits would look like at retirement.  Funny how at 50 that information is so much more relevant than it was at age 25!  Anyway, I got online to check out my statement to make sure all those soap profits are being counted.  Then I got Rod signed up too so we could compare how much we would get if one of us kills the other.  (That may be happening soon if he continues to bug me about "4 more years of Obama!)  If I keep working until I am 70 I may be able to survive without having to resort to canned cat food.