Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kelly's Joyful Newsletter, November 10, 2010

I forgot to mention a wonderful email newsletter I found while I was up North this summer.  The gal who does the writing, Kelly Epperson, graduated in my sister's class in high school.  I discovered her writing when Mom and I were out shopping--I had no idea then that she went to my school.  I just happened to pick up one of those freebie newspapers at the hardware store and found her column on things that youngsters born recently would never know--like loaf of bread size cell phones, etc.

Anyway, through a strange series of happenstances involving Facebook, Avon and the above referenced article I discovered, Kelly was Sherri Meredith's sister--who was in my class.  Sherri mentioned that Kelly had a newsletter on JOY and she sent me a link and the rest is history.  Being a very bad, very frustrated writer myself, I was impressed that her content kept me reading all the way to the end AND assured that this was one of those weekly emails that actually got opened and read every week. 

Here's a peek at this week's newsletter.  There is a link to sign up on the left of the newsletter if you so choose!

So fast forward a couple of months and now Kelly is in pursuit of a paid job to blog for a big company--and it is a well paid gig!  So, if she is able to get in the top 20 in the next few days, she has a real shot at winning this job.  IF you would be so kind as to visit the link below and vote for Kelly, your day's karma will be assured. Plus if you go back each day until the contest ends and vote for Kelly, she will be a shoe-in!

October Craft Shows, 2010

Doing a little catching up here, so I will just give you the highlights of the five shows I did in October.

The first weekend was a show I have done for such a long time.  I have been on the east side of Riverside Park for so long, I can hardly remember setting up anywhere else.  This is a well run show put on by the Pilots Club of Vero.  The show had beautiful weather--but hot on both days.  I was fairly slow on Saturday, but, Sunday more than made up for it.  I had lots of regulars stop by--Linda, Terri, Victoria and so many of you.  Thank you!  I did camp in the van that weekend.  It was pretty hot on Saturday so I went down to the Mall to catch a movie while waiting for it to cool off and did a little shopping.  I found a great tea shop  I spent about an hour talking tea with the owner who had a hard to spell name that sounds out to More-Tea...isn't that fitting.  And his wife's name, you will never guess--Tee!!  I can recommend the House Blend--been drinking it in between my Republic of Tea favorites.  Oh the movie--I think it saw that Ben Affleck movie about the bank robbers.

Do you see my phone anywhere?

Log House at the park in Mayo, FL

The demonstrators booth in front of mine

The second weekend I went up northwest of Gainesville to do the Mayo Pioneer Days.  I decided to set up and sell on Friday night...but it really wasn't worth it.  I camped again and it was the first weekend I had to bring out the blankets!  Nice!!!   On Saturday, I was really impressed with the crowd, but, it was not a great show for me.  Especially  since I lost my phone--or it got stolen!  I think I dropped it when I was opening up,  picked it up and set down on the soap at the front of the table.  Then it walked away with someone!!  The show was only open the one day, so, it was pretty nice having Sunday off with Rod.

Next up was the Cedar Key Seafood Festival--another new show for me.  It had been suggested by several friends, so, I had applied in the summer.  Set up was pretty hairy as it was only allowed after on Saturday, but, it all worked out.  My spot was on the seafood end of the festival, which I think worked out really nicely.  I had several customers from other shows stop by.  Many of the customers had been coming to the Seafood Fest for decades.  You know it is a good show when it has a dedicated following!!  I did fantastic both days and spent a little money on clam chowder and crab bisque for dinner on Saturday night.  Lynn the SpiceLady was camping with her boyfriend beside me overnight, so, everything went great.  They suggested camping out on Friday night next year--to make setup easier, so, I will be sure to do that!

The view from my campsite!

Walking home after dinner

The fourth weekend I went down to West Palm Beach with Buckler Promotions.  I haven't done one of their shows in 7-8 years I think.  It was pretty unremarkable, except, I still did have a few good customers stop by...and I got to see two old crafting friends I have not seen in ages.  The other great thing about the weekend was my cheap $35 a night Priceline hotel.  I stayed in an Extended Stay DELUXE.  Never have gotten one of those before and for a cheap room it was huge with lots of amenities.  It was about 8-9 miles from the show, but, since I got to stop at Carrabbas for dinner on the way home Saturday--so worth the drive!  Plus that female bartender there makes one AWESOME mojito!!!

Finally, it was my second year at the Micanopy Fall Festival.  The weather was just perfect for Fall--in the fifties overnight and upper 70's/low 80's during the day.  It was Halloween weekend and I thought we would see more kids dressed up, but, honestly I think there were more adults in costume.  Soap wise, it was better than last year by a huge amount.  So much so that I had to go into Gainesville Saturday night (oh shucks, Carrabbas again!!!) and get more copies of my order form.  I was next to Greg Smith the potter again, and, had a new vendor (ApronLady) on the other side.  I really love doing shows in the Gainesville area--they really appreciate handmade items!!

I was home in time for some Trick or Treaters at the house...Rod had stocked enough candy for 10 times the number of kids we ended up seeing.  But, that's ok--he got plenty of Reese's and other chocolate goodies.  I won't tell you home long it took me to devour all that chocolate...not long...LOL!  My sister tells me this chocolate craving I am having is not a symptom of pre-menopause.  Dang IT!  Turns out it is just my sweet tooth which is totally out of control.  HELP!!

Long time, no Chat! November 10, 2010

Rod and me on my birthday
Well, my blogging got hung up back in September when I was talking about Mom and Dad's big Anniversary party back in Illinois.  Unfortunately I made the mistake of leaving the only copy of the pictures up there.  So, I am trying to get a copy of it made to do a picture blog of that day.  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, we had my birthday (48th), did a bunch of yard work and tried to annihilate and destroy all the wasps that took up residence around the house this summer.   Those buggers killed an elderly woman near here last I don't feel  too bad about it.

This year's Christmas soap--a combo of Plum, Fig and Cinnamon
 with  a red and green swirl

In the meantime, lots of soapmaking is going on down here in Orlando.  And that is in spite of rising vegetable oil prices, longer shipping times and a ever growing feeling of being WAY BEHIND!  It seems each week the To-Do List grows longer, while the time to accomplish it grows shorter.  I am sure you all have those feelings too, right?!  I  got the Christmas soap scent blend finished and named the soap, "Under the Mistletoe"--check it out if you get to a show, ok?

These are cute little stocking stuffers or office gifts--two guest soaps

I had a bit of trouble with the new sewing machine last month.   It was the bottom tension messing up.  After several days of trying different things (and too many swear words), I finally took it to a local sewing machine shop--Keels on Edgewater Av. here in Orlando.  Keels has been around forever.  The third generation owner, Danny, is a nice guy who took one look and had it diagnosed before I even had time to explain what was happening.  He still patiently listened to my troubles and then pointed the thread had come out of one of the guides.  According to Danny, the bottom tension messing up almost never has anything to do with the bobbin--which is where I was looking for the problem!  I can't wait to buy another machine--Danny turned me onto some of the new models--I think this Viking lover will be buying a Janome

Painting  the bags for the sachets

I expanded the line of sachets I am carrying too--now I have Rose and Chamomile in addition to the Lavender four packs you will find at shows and online.  I love the scent coming from all these together!  Time for a trip to Penzey's Spices I think!!