Friday, January 22, 2010

The New Kitchen Floor, January 14 & 15, 2010

I knew one of the projects I wanted to do before we put the house up for sale is to change the floor in the kitchen.  I had put those peel and stick tiles down a few years ago, but, I wasn't happy with how they had migrated leaving some pretty big, ugly gaps.  I loved the color and how they looked against the terrazzo, but, the gaps...ugh!

So, we took part of the garage sale money and bought the laminate wood flooring from IKEA in the Tundra Birch finish.  We had never done flooring before, but, after I watched the video in the store a couple of times, I was pretty certain it was a project Rod and I could do successfully.  Especially with the Dewalt Compound Miter Saw I had bought for, Rod...last Christmas.  LOL

The main part of the floor took us about 8 hours and it went pretty easily.  The first two hours we did the scraping which taking turns wasn't too bad.  The main time user the rest of the day was all the cuts our tiny kitchen required.  There were only about 10 planks in that whole kitchen we didn't need to cut.  We left off with the thresholds which we planned on tackling the next day. 

For some reason, the thresholds took us as long as the rest of the floor!  Part of it was a break midday to go to IKEA, Home Depot and the soap warehouse.  We were having a heck of a time with the fasteners to go into the terrazzo but still fitting in the threshold track.  We finally settled on drilling a hole, sinking a dowel and then screwing the threshold screw into the wood.  It worked...but...the job wasn't over yet.  Then we had to figure out had to snap and click the parts of the threshold into place.  With a lot of muscle and a little "touch" it finally worked.  The second threshold went much quicker! 

I took a couple days off to do a show and then finished up the trim over the next few days.   I think it turned out pretty nice.  Especially for a $200 project and $30 of that was for the floor scraper!

We did have two problem areas.  One of them is hidden under the stove...that piece on the right side of the oven cabinet, we could never get it to click into place.  The other problem was a tiny piece near the door...which we covered with the trim...except for a tiny chip I nicked when I was nailing the trim in place.  Dang it!  Oh, and now with the closeup picture, I see my tape job wasn't perfect either!  Please, don't look to close when you come, ok!?


Jensen Beach Art Festival, January 16 & 17, 2010

I love going to Jensen Beach!  My friends, Janis and Candy, own a great gallery there where they have their own wonderful artwork and various pieces from artists they have befriended over the years.  They even have some great smelling soap!  This year I was back at the beginning of the show at the intersection of the water and the Boulevard...right across from Mulligans restaurant. 

The show has gotten better every year because it is put on by the Chamber of Commerce with the input of several local artisans.  This show caters to the artist--not with fancy unneeded amenities, but, by being around and helping out with problems.  And this weekend, I really needed their help. 

On Saturday afternoon a gal in her late 20's-early 30's came into my booth while it was pretty busy.  I had Janis standing at the back of the booth chatting me when things slowed down.  This gal started asking questions--kinda talking over the others I was helping--and prefacing everything with "Sweetie" and "Sweetheart".  It was annoying, and I remember kinda rolling my eyes at Janis after the third time she did this. 

She then asked me to break open a cello bag which I told her I would not do--but that I would see if the scents she wanted were in my back stock so I could make her a bag up special.  Of course, I had neither scent she wanted.  When I told her this, she insisted that I could break the bags just this once since she hated the two other scents and I told her that "NO" I wouldn't.  First off, these items were $3, they were a "sampler" bag and I didn't charge anything for the packaging.   So, as was her choice, she put the items down and left. 

A few minutes later she back in the booth, shouting that I was mean and rude for not doing what she wanted.  She ranted on and on for several minutes while I explained again the reasons that I would not do what she wanted, and that she of course didn't have to buy them but that it was my right to sell things as I wanted.  Janis spoke up when she said she would tell everyone not to buy from me--Janis said she was the one being mean and that I was one of the nicest people she knew (thanks Janis!).  Finally the gal must have talked herself out--but as she left I remember saying that she must be off her meds. 

I quickly got on with selling but couldn't believe it when I was told that the gal was actually standing down near Janis' gallery screaming about the MEAN SOAPLADY and telling people not to buy from me.  Janis confronted her again and the gal called her a bitch before Janis told her she was going to call the police if she didn't get control of herself and quit slandering me.  About this time, the gal's mother started dragging her out of the show.  They went past my booth on the othe side of the street and I remember her saying that she "had the right of free speech".  I didn't know then that the fun was only just beginning. 

Janis notified the local police and the Chamber about the incident and about this time the gal's mother came to my booth to apologize for her daughter.  Turns out the gal has had a very rough couple of months--a boyfriend beat her, two near death auto accidents (one where her 6 year old daughter almost died), her Dad died--lots of bad things that resulted in her being checked in for observation in the local psych ward.  The mother said she is trying to get her treated, but, this girl is a Harvard/MIT grad who is a doctoral she is smart and probably is pretty good at getting her way.  She apparently had not been told NO in sometime.

So, after digesting this the Mom told me that the girl was now missing--I told her that I just wanted her to stay away from my booth.  As long as she did, I would not involve the police--but I called the gallery to get the local police number just in case.  The police officer on duty stopped by the booth and gave me his cell number.   About an hour later the girl passed in front of my booth yelling that she knew my "body guard" was watching my back (thanks Deputy Allen) and that she was going to get me kicked out of the show and then she made her way to the Chamber. She harassed them for a half hour before Todd and Allen showed up to calm her down--or escort her to jail. 

The last I saw of her was when I was packing up for the night--the gal, her Mom and the little daughter were heading into Mulligan's for dinner.  I ignored them, they ignored me so--no problem.  For a while though I was thinking I would end up on the evening news with crazy lady stabbing me for not selling her what she wanted.  In hind sight, I wish I had just given her both bags!!!   Janis, me and her friends Greg, Eddie and Pearl went out for Mexican food and we split a big pitcher of margaritas.  I really needed a drink that night!

The picture about is much more typical of my dealings at Jensen Beach.  The old guy is Frank and the gorgeous little Chiq in dress is Missy.  Missy is an alert dog--she lets Frank know when his blood sugar is getting low.  Missy also does work at area nursing homes and hospitals--and believe me she dresses a lot better than I do.  Her closet has over 100 outfits!  She is very famous--I was picture number 101 for the day!!

The bottom line is that the show was down a bit, but, that we survived some stiff winds (about 18 mph both days, some rain, and strong 35 mph winds overnight), met some great people and ended up doing well for a show with a bad weather forecast.  Thanks to all my friends there who helped me with the crazy lady and of course those who gave me a hard time for being the Mean SoapLady--you know who you are.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Garage Sale, Round One, January 8 & 9th, 2010

Friday we were finally able to get rid of the first round of our "junk"--the long awaited for garage sale day was here.  Living the last 22 years in one place translates to lots of hidden stuff--things you may see once a year, but, you just never use.  Things we "had" to have when we bought them that have just sat in a closet for years. 


But, as sometimes happens, luck was not to be with us--Florida hit on a cold spell and to top it off, it started raining near the end of Day #1.  So, the pictures below are from the cramped "carport" sale.  We fit everything that had to stay dry on the carport, but, it wasn't easy to shop.  Which was not a problem as it was too cold for people to be out shopping. 


We actually did very well on Friday when it was warmer, and Saturday even started out busy.  We had billed the sale as a "neighborhood sale" with 7 of my Glasgow Avenue neighbors putting things out.  I guess the regular garage sale crew was out...the first shopper hit my neighbor's house at 7:40 a.m. and meandered over to our house a bit later.  For the first hour we had a steady stream, but, very few people were looking seriously.  Who could blame them!  It was 39 degrees! 

The good news is that we got rid of eight big tote boxes full of stuff from the house, a good bit from the utility room and 6 boxes of books.  The bad news is that we still had a dozen (give or take) boxes of "junk" left.  That's where my buddy, Eve, comes in...she stopped on Tuesday and picked up most of the leftovers to sell at her local flea market.  By then we had found a few items that we decided we didn't want to give up--a basket and a small cabinet for me and the five boxes of Encyclopedias for Rod.  All in all, I think we did good!  Now if I had just convinced Rod to sell the Honda--I can't tell you how many guys wanted to buy it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year 2010, January 7, 2010

I have been missing in action, and, for that dear readers I am sorry.  What spurred me to write today was a nice comment from an anonymous poster.  That really made my day, so, THANK YOU!  Hint:   Leave more comments!!!  

So, what have you all been up to?  Rod and I are getting ready to have a yard sale tomorrow and Saturday.  That  is another reason I decided to write today.  We are trying to trump up business to ensure that our house gets cleared out before we put it on the market.  So, we are having a moving sale, while some of the neighbors decided to join us--I know they are just taking advantage of my $60 spent on ads and signs.  That's ok.  I did the same thing in June when Jim and Susan had their yard sale.  LOL

The weather here has just been ridiculous.  For a whole week we have been having cold-for-Florida weather.  Those of you up North, think I am crazy.  Weather that reaches into the fifties can't be cold....especially when you are in the teens.  Well, let me tell, it is COLD here.  So, cold in fact on Saturday when I am trying to sell all the junk out of my house, we are forecast for the following:

Low overnight temperature of :    34 degrees

High daytime temperature of:       37 degrees

And up to 20 mph winds

COLD!!  So, cold that I am going to sell coffee, tea and hot chocolate just to keep people shopping!!  LOL  That is possibly the only money we will make the whole weekend. 

My sister and I were talking on the phone today.  The weather was the main topic.  I told her I no longer thought her spoiled for demanding seat heaters in all her new vehicles.   Seat heaters, is that what they are called?  Being from Florida I am not sure that's the correct terminology.  But picture sitting on cold leather seats in the middle of winter and then you'll know what I am talking about.  I want them in all my vehicles now too.  I wonder if it's an after market item I could get Rod to install for me???

Part of the reason I stopped writing was that my craft shows were not going blockbusters like they usually do in the Fall.  Only a few of them were where I wanted them to be.  The rest sucked.  Basically.  So, not enough positive vibes to put out there, so why write.  Now I wish I had just looked on the bright side to fill my thoughts.  But, that whole "secreting" happiness wasn't working to well for me over the last couple of months. 

On to a New Year and a new attitude!  I hope your Holidays were bright and wonderful.  Tell, me dear reader, what is your resolution for 2010?  What thing is going to make your heart sing this year?  What are you passionate about RIGHT NOW?  Hmmm, I am still thinking on these thoughts, so stay tuned. 
And if you are in Orlando, come visit me out in the cold Friday or Saturday.  I will buy you a cuppa joe.

The St. Simons Island show--no vendors and no customers.

Some of my garage sale bargains--great storage for a garage!!!

Who left this watch at my house? 

I know, the picture is awful, but, you get the idea...maybe!