Monday, June 8, 2015

The Cottage Garden--new PURPLE finds!

Here are some of the plants that are peeking around the many corners of this gorgeous property this week!  Many of them I haven't identified yet, so, if you know leave a comment and I will edit the comments down the road.  
I have three beauties hiding in the monuments planter.  Mom was over and I think she said it was an Allium.  They are really hidden in this planter, so, after they lose their flower I am moving them to the front of the white trellis so you can see them!

I have a couple of these in different planters.  I love the color--not my shadow in the background!  Mom says they need water every time she comes over...but they are getting a regular drink from Mother Nature, so, I am not gonna add more.  Any idea what they are?

In the same planter this one  has a different growing pattern but a similar colored flower!  Love it, too!!  But I don't know what it is, do you?

This Clementis is growing very delicately on the chimney trellis.  I worry about the tiny, thin stem that is peeking out of the ground...and then it produces two gorgeous purple flowers like this.  They didn't last long on the vine...too much rain or wind???

This vine is growing in the fountain planter and is circling its way around one of the two Dwarf Alberta Spruce I have growing in pots.  Again, I don't have a name for it, but the little flower "drops" are very pretty!!

This purple Baptisia is a show stopper!  After the flowers are gone, the plant produces cool black seed pods that stay on through the Fall to contrast the green of the plant.  It is hardy too!  I am actually going to make a hedgerow of these in front of the fire pit this Fall, dividing this huge one into four plants.  I will move two more (one is yellow) from the back of the soap room to join this big guy!

  The next two pictures are not purple or plants.  I discovered the entrance burrow about 10 days ago and the exit was dug out a day or two later.  It may be a woodchuck in there???  It's a pretty big opening as you can see from the brick I put in to show the size!  I closed the entrance by the fence and threw some used kitty litter in the other hole.  If it is a woodchuck, I understand any young ones would be out and about by now, so, I want to get whatever it is OUT before I seal up the borrow.  I have a trap out there too, but, I haven't had anything big in it yet.  Some smaller critters are going in to steal the bait, but, they aren't big enough to trip the door.