Monday, March 7, 2011

North Florida Trip, March 4-7, 2011

This weekend's show was up in St. Augustine at St. Anastasia Catholic Church out on A1A at the beach.  I went up on Friday night and stayed with my friend Susan who moved up there from the Keys several months ago.  She so nicely offered a place to stay and even let Eve bunk in too despite having the guest room full--her sister is visiting from Mass. and her kitty Abby is sick.

We got up early and caught the sunrise above going over the intercoastal bridge on Hwy. 312.  Set up at the church was a breeze, and, by nine we had a nice little crowd on the grounds of the Church.  The church sells food from the kitchen, a bake sale and an auction all to benefit their mission projects in Hiati.  It was nice being able to be part of their good efforts.

The show was quietly successful, and after packing up I headed up to Fernandina to spend some time with the in-laws.  Rod's sister Pam was in town, and we wanted to see her, but only I could make it this time.  The big news was Rod's Dad getting his scooter to tool around town if he chooses.  He was testing out the newly charged buggy--and already planning a couple modifications so he could take Cody with him! 

I spent most of the time with Pam and Deb.  Jan was working early morning both days, so, I saw him in the evening hours before he had to get to bed.  We mainly enjoyed couch surfing at Deb and Jan's but on Sunday we spent the afternoon antiquing at the two big places on Centre St.  I found this great old mirror.  It is the one thing I will probably be wishing I had bought in a couple months.  Pam and Deb were so funny--the things they can't afford to buy get visits every once in a while.  They just stop in to pick them up, say HI and then put them back in a hidden spot so no one else will buy them before they get a chance.  LOL

Next up--back to Saint Augustine for a three day Seafood Festival put on by the Lion's Club.  

Braves vs. Tigers Spring Training Games, March 3, 2011

On Rod's day off this past week, we headed out to an afternoon Spring Training game at Disney where the Braves play in the Grapefruit league.  It was a windy, warm day and the sun was shining bright.  Lots of families out for this game against the Detroit Tigers.  I would say the crowd was evenly split between Braves and Tigers fans. 

For anyone who has not been out to this park, it is so family friendly.  We love sitting out in the outfield lawn seats.  Just spring for a $10 ticket ($13 game day) bring a blanket (no chairs allowed) and prepare to be transported back to the old days.  That would be when you were a kid and your Dad took you out to the park to try to snag a ball.  

On this day we wouldn't get lucky in the ball department.  I made Rod promise to give a little kid the ball if he were lucky enough to field one.  He promised, but reluctantly.  :)  We brought in a bag of peanuts (they don't allow coolers) and were lucky to snag a couple $3 beers in the sixth inning.  

The Braves won it in the ninth inning...I can't remember the score.  We had a great time.  As did the father and son playing catch below.  Grandpa joined in a couple times too.  Nice times.  Lazy days.  And I didn't forget the sunscreen this time! 

Art Fiesta, New Smyrna Beach, February 26 & 27, 2011

This show has been suggested by artists over the years, but, I finally made it to the Spring show in New Smyrna Beach at the end of the February.  My spot was not in prime real estate.  It was hidden at the back of the show, off the main arteries through Fort Park.  But, I did see several of the customers I added at the Fall show--Flamingo Follies.  SO, it will stay on the calender for another try...and hopefully a better spot on the street!

The view out the front of my booth was nice--the intercoastal.  And it was FANTASTIC weather--in the 70's, so all was not lost.  I stayed with two friends--Ronna of Ronnacards and Joan who makes copper and glass jewelry AND paints.  Joan had a terrific show, Ronna's was about like mine.  But we had a great hotel on Daytona Beach  (Perry's right on the beach with a great balcony) and one great meal at Outback.  AND one meal that SUCKED at a tourist trap towards Main St.  Yuck.  School lunch type meal with mystery meat hamburgers and plain school lunch pizza.  

I can't tell you how many customers thought I had the BEST spot in the whole show.  My response:  I would take 100 degree heat out on the street, no breeze--just to have the traffic they had on the street!  :)

Southerners take their historical sites very seriously!  A little more history on the site:   The Turnbull Ruins, a coquina block foundation overlooking the Intracoastal, represents the colonization by Andrew Turnbull from 1766-1777. It's believed that he attempted to build his personal mansion on these coquina remains. A foundation of sea coquina block was set, but work was never completed. The true origination of the ruins is unknown, some theorized that they may be the remnants of a pre-colonial fort or a colonial church.

Sunset as I hit I-4 on the way home!