Friday, June 6, 2014

June 2014 Soap News and Special!

Hi Gang!
You may wonder why the blog is so late this month, yes?  Well, I have been making soap and getting ready for shows, but, my real show is not until next weekend in Libertyville, Illinois.  So, since May 10th, I have been doing a couple things to keep busy.  First up is:

This is going to be our new "TINY" home by the end of the month--yes, those caps are to emphasize that the house is teeny, tiny.  I have spent months online looking at properties up here and this one just called my name.  Rod is up here this week and gave his blessing and we are now under contract.   I will have a lot more on that later, but, if you want a sneak peak you can check out the seller's website Blue Moon Cottage.
Then there were some of my Mom's projects--helping my sister redo my old bedroom when I first arrived.  So, Jodie did all the major work, I just got to do a little painting, help hang some blinds and then fluff it all up once the bed and the new linens were back in place.  I have also done a fair bit of gardening, some sewing, and with my brother's help a bit of home maintenance.  Fun, fun, fun!
Mom using some Goof Off to get rid of dried paint on the woodwork
We have also been out to Rock Cut State Park a couple times.  Our main thing out there is kayaking but this year the kayaks weren't pulled out yet.  So, we headed up to my sister's place and she figured out how to pull the skid steer out of one of the storage buildings.  That was a riot, but, thanks to getting Nephew Travis on the phone and then realizing the "gas pedal" worked both up and down with your toe and your heel helped out.  I was able to back it into storage again once the kayaks were set free.   Now, I know a lot of guys read this the following pictures are for you!

Garry's 1935 Ford Roadster

This beauty is in storage building #2, my brother-in-law Garry's domain.  I don't even
care about trucks, but, this one is gorgeous...and yea probably powerful too!

 Oh, and niece Alysha graduated with high honors from her high school and was named cheerleader of the year by her cheer club.  She's a great volleyball player, too!  As you might guess we are all so proud of her as she heads to the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point.  With my brother, Jeff, and sister-in-law, Deb, below:

Show Schedule

June 2014
31-1   No Sycamore this year...I was too late!  Sorry, folks! 
13-15  Libertyville (IL) Days Festival
28       University of Wisconsin--Parkside, Kenosha, WI
July 2014
19-20   Mt Horeb Wisconsin 39th Annual Art Festival

Company News
The May special was so popular I am almost out of the Everything but the Kitchen Sink soaps.  Those are the ones made from the lumpy top of the mold pieces and the beveled edges off each bar--so it may be another couple of weeks before I have enough trimmings to remake them.  If I run out and you order them, I will let you know an estimated shipping time.
No bath teas yet as I am trying to find a source for the seed packets.  I have discovered that sitting and cutting out each packet is not only frustrating it is not very productive.  I will have both the Ouch and the Ahhhh bath teas in bulk at the next few shows--until I can figure out where to buy them.  Stay tuned. 
I have started to dip the Frangipani floral scent in incense thanks to a suggestion by one of my incense mega-users.  She says the following:
"Hey Jackie - just wanted to let you know that I received my incense and it is delicious.  Exactly as I remembered it from ages ago.  Everything that envelope came into contact with smells heavenly.  Your home must smell wonderful.  Mine used to but my dogs (puppies to terminally ill) seemed to have taken care of that.  Hope you are enjoying your trip north.  How nice you get to do that.  Take care and be safe and thanks again.  Donna".  Remember, I do really listen to your suggestions, so, leave me a comment below if you need a special scent or product!
Monthly Special
Every six bar order this month will receive a free soap of your choice.  Click on the special button on the website--as described below--and then put the scent you would like in the comments area.  If you forget I try to reach you by email first, then phone--but I don't always have luck with either.  So, if you forget and I can't reach you, I will pick out a soap for you based on what you ordered.  Free shipping on top of the special if you spend $50.00.  Regular orders ship via US Mail Priority Flat Rate for $5.05 for up to nine bars.

The Specials can always be ordered by going to my website, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the big green leaf. This will take you to the "secret" members’ only page so you can place your order. List members' pay actual shipping and tax if applicable, so disregard the shipping charge my shopping cart will show on your receipt. A correct invoice will be mailed with your order. Please put the words MAY SPECIAL in the comments area of your order. You may also call or email, but be sure to mention the MAY SPECIAL; otherwise, you may not get the special price.
Hey, say a prayer for my mother-in-law as she is rehabbing in a nursing home.  Get your strength back, Miss Coty!  We love you!!

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