Thursday, May 14, 2015

DIviding the Hostas


On Tuesday, I finally got the right conditions to spread some weed and feed--the grass was wet with dew and the temps were in the 50's.  I used my Dad's old bucket spreader and I can honestly say that I expect to have a few patches of yellow turf--the whole on/off mechanism takes a little getting used to.  At least I could practice on my lawn before doing Dad's. 

When I arrived at the folks house to spread the weed and feed on their lawn, Dad had decided he needed to mow--so that project got crossed off the list.  But wait, there was plenty more to do!  I finally tackled Mom'a hosta bed on the north side of the garage.  It was my first real experience dividing plants, and, unfortunately my partner in crime really shouldn't have been working in the garden at all.  But, I am finding it impossible to keep Mom from doing things that will end up hurting her back.  This is the finished product (picture above), nine plants all nicely spaced and set back from the sidewalk a bit.  When they are in full bloom, they tend to sweep over the walkway, so, hopefully this will keep them a bit more contained. 

While I was out there, I set up the fountain too!  Which reminds me I need to get mine going also. 
After a quick sit at the computer, we had the third project completed and it was home to do some work on the cottage. 

On Wednesday morning, we again had cool temps--perfect for a day of digging!  Mom came over and she masterminded the placement of the 20 hostas on the berm by the koi pond.  Then to keep her from doing too much, I sent her back to the backyard to work on one of the tiers she could weed standing up.  About the time she got done with that, I was mostly done with the hostas.  She was already planning on hitting up one of her friends who had a different color hosta to go with the two kinds we had in place.  There is plenty of room for more, but my back says to wait a while to put in any more!

My sister had helped Mom dig up a patch of overgrown irises a week ago, so, I had two trays of plants to put in.  Behind Mom is the bed she had prepared.  While she sat and cut the irises, I dug the holes and then planted them.  She wanted three rows, but, I think the two rows I ended up with are perfect.  And they won't need to be divided for a long while!   But, we still have a ton more to put in...somewhere.  I think they will go in a nice sunny spot on the east property line in the front yard.

Mom thought the leaves should be cut down more..I wanted them on.  Partly to see more of our hard work, but, mostly because I like the green in this particular planter.  I need to get some mulch on this bed...and if you can see the landscape fabric showing through on the next tier up, you would be screaming at me to hit Home Depot for MORE MULCH!!
Five of the new hostas with a bunch of coneflowers in the foreground.

A close-up--these two-tone hostas are just gorgeous when they reach their full bloom.  That's some grape hyacinth behind...the goal is to have no place for the weeds to come up!!!  Talk about wishful thinking!