Friday, November 28, 2014

The Keys in October

This just screams FLORIDA!  It was just a perfect day with the most incredible blue sky...

This was at the back of the resort we stayed at one night in Key Largo.  We supposedly made a note of the place to come back to, but, I can't pull it out of my memory banks right now.  

Same place in Key Largo--so inviting!

Rod on the beach at Key West.  They have done a bit of is still not very pretty here.  Spend you time at the north end of Bahia Honda Key instead!

Using the underwater camera case...not anything impressive...but it was fun!

Keys style lattice!!  Love it!

This is a garage converted into a business.  I took the picture because I like the look
of the doors for the IL cottage when we do put up a garage!
Rod and I spent just a few days down here in October.  Our usual place in Key West, Eden House, was booked with a wedding so we stayed at the Old Custom House right on Duval.  We would do it again, but, it was definitely a different kind of trip.  Pickles the Parrot made the stay memorable!  We also discovered the Fast Buck Freddies Furniture outlet on the north end of the island.  As always we spent a couple hours in the bookstore on Fleming St. too--just off Duval.  But they were in the middle of downsizing from two spaces to one--so it was too crowded to really shop and browse.  I still came away with two wonderful books, both had excerpts from diaries--one a newspaperwoman from Arizona and the other a book of letters from one of the presidents to his mother.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bonnie and I brought a load of "stuff" to Illinois after the New Smyrna Beach show.  I was there to winterize.  What that means, I am not 100% sure, but, I did the best I could given the snowfall.  I got the air conditioners out of the two windows and put away.  I was supposed to do a lot more yard work, but, now that I see these pictures--I really like how everything looks with snow piled on top.  

So, in addition to the first snow shoveling in A VERY LONG TIME, I also got to scrape my van windows--with a credit card since my scraper was locked in the Mercury with the frozen shut doors.  I also caught a mouse in a sticky trap I had put out this summer for spiders.  Poor dear was trying to drag the trap through the hole in the bathroom wall.  He must have had a heart attack when I put him in a grocery bag and threw him out the back door.  I hope he did anyway.  

Blue Moon Cottage after the first snowfall,  November 2014

The Zebra Grass with a dusting of snow!

The view out the backdoor when I discovered it was SNOWING!!!!

The next morning this is the view I woke up to!  What a winter wonderland!

The front yard--Bonnie and I trounced through the little bit of snow to get this picture.

And one picture from Orlando on Tuesday, November 25, 2015:  This hawk was just sitting at the top of the roof gable.  I got really close and took a bunch of pictures and he just sat there looking at me, the ground, the sky, whatever.  I wondered if he was keeping an eye out for a rodent or snake in the grass to eat!  I also wondered if he was the hawk who ate one of the mockingbird babies a couple years ago.  Regardless, he was a stately, handsome guy, don't ya think?

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