Monday, December 1, 2014

December 2014 Soap News and Special

Hi Everybody--

What an exciting month we had in November.  To start off I had three shows.  Some of you met my painter friend Eve at Lake Eola for Fiesta in the Park.  I was up in Micanopy for the Fall Festival.  Both shows had nice cold/cool temperatures very fitting for a Fall show--and we both saw a ton of customers--thank you!  The next weekend I went to New Smyrna Beach for Flamingo Follies.  The exciting thing was coming to open my tent on Sunday and finding about $400 worth of missing soap, soap dishes, soap bags, lipbalms, yada, yada, yada!  Turns out that about a dozen artists had things missing.  The worst was a mosaic artist who had over $500 worth of products stolen.  Bummer...and probably not even worth turning in to my insurance company.  I took photos and filed a police report "in case", and the City sent a refund of 50% of the show fee. Someone is getting a lump of coal in their stocking!  Coincidentally, someone stole one of our Disney salvage bikes off our carport last week, too.  Double Bummer!

After I finished restocking a ton of soap, I made a quick trip up to Illinois to finish the winterizing of the cottage. The temperatures did not cooperate with me getting out in the yard, but, I was able to get a full van load unpacked, get two window air conditioners put away and then spent a couple days enjoying a beautiful snowfall.  I had left the old Mercury mini-van up there to use in the winter, but, we are rethinking that plan!  The first day it fired up, but, I had no lights on the dash board.  And the oil light was on.  I checked the oil and it was fine so I drove it.  The next day I had to scrape ice off the windows and once it started the lights were still off the dash AND the radio and heater stopped working.  This was not good!  I have lived in Florida 30 YEARS and this girl needs a heater to work when the temperature goes under 50 degrees.  I  added a bunch of pictures to the blog a week ago, so take a look if you are interested.

I tried to convince my Mom to come back to Florida for a couple weeks.  I knew she would love the Tallahassee Market Days show and she could spend Thanksgiving with us! But we decided that was too long for her to be away from home and Dad.  After much discussion, she decided to come for a week.  So, we spent three days on the road and had a wonderful trip full of great Mom/Daughter conversations.  Then, a day after being in Orlando, she started having back pain.  Bad pain, so bad that she started walking hunched over.  I thought it was just achy pain from her new stretching exercises and walking.  But when I say her walking like that the day before her plane trip back to Illinois, I knew it was a very bad problem.  We got her into a massage therapist, which loosened her up enough to get on the plane.  That and some great wheelchair assists on both ends of the flight!  The doctor appointment the day after Thanksgiving shows a disc problem so she is on pain meds, a steroid and muscle relaxers.    

I want to thank you all for another year of successful business--it is over 15 years--thanks to all of YOU!  I am in the process of booking shows for 2015, so, please be sure to go to the Show Schedule at  to see where I will be next year.  I have already had one major show problem.  Turns out the folks at the Deerfield Festival of the Arts have brought on a promoter to run the show and they decided last minute during the jury process to concentrate on ART only.  So, as a c
rafter, I was not invited back to the show.  This one hurts as I have done the show for almost 14 years.  My friend Lynn Upson, the Spice Lady, was not invited back either and she was the first craftsman invited to do the show almost 20 years ago.  So, I really need any suggestions you might have for art and craft shows in South Florida.  Which shows do you go to?

Oh, don't forget the Cyber Week special is up on the website--10% off all orders, plus the December Special and Free Shipping if you spend $50 after the discount!

Show Schedule
January 2015 
10-11 Jensen Beach Arts and Crafts Festival 
31-Feb 1 

February 2015 
7-8 Lake Placid Country Fair 
13-15 Lakeridge Winefest, Clermont, FL 
28- Mar 1 Dacie FL Orange Blossom Fest 

Industry News

Industry icon, Paul Mitchell, has a new directive this year encouraging their fans to take part in the Pay it Forward movement Check out the website at  #GIVINGISMYSTYLE  In the spirit of the season, the brand is donating up to $200,000 to it's partner charities for people taking part in the gallery  at the website.  

In an update to a post a few months ago, China has now abolished the requirement for animal testing for most cosmetics manufactured in the country.  That means shampoos, makeup, many skin care products and perfumes will be exempt from animal testing.  For imported products, the ban is in effect as long as the product's final finishing--packaging, for example--is done in China. 

Here in the states, the California Legislature adopted Resolution 22, another Cruelty Free International initiative. The hope is to get the US Congress and the President to support uniform restrictions on animal testing of cosmetics for the nation.

Company News  

The big news is the continuing Black Friday/Cyber Week specials up on the website.  CYBERWEEK - good for 10% off your shopping cart total through midnight December 7, 2014.  After that we will resort to the special as described below. 

I also talked above about the 2015 Show Schedule, so stay tuned for any and all changes that may be coming down the pike!  I really try to do shows around the state and I am always looking for more great ones.

After 15 years of doing a traditional Men's Bayrum scent for the shaving round, I decided it was time to mix it up.  What took me so long??  So, for 2015 the Pirates Booty Bar is now scented with a 100% natural essential oil blend of Lime and Pine.  

For the month of December, every soap order will receive a free bar of Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soap with every three soaps ordered.  I have an abundance of these in stock right now and they are very popular with new and old customers!  And remember if you need to stock up, all orders of $50 or more receive FREE SHIPPING!  This time of the year is a great time to take advantage of this deal!

What you ask is an Ugly Soap--this would be one example!!

I have a couple bags of endpieces that have been around for a long while.  IF you are a shaving soap user or a Lavender Oatmeal lover--go to the Specials page NOW and get a great deal on the Ugly Soaps.  The Lavender soaps I just put up are what happens when I take an important phone call instead of getting the soap in the mold quickly.  It ain't pretty...but you benefit by getting a great deal on these bars.  Hey, and there are just a few bars of Split Personality 100% Natural on there too.  Really, you need to go take a look at these specials!!

The Specials can always be ordered by going to my website, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on the big green leaf. This will take you to the "secret" members’ only page so you can place your order. List members' pay actual shipping and tax if applicable, so disregard the shipping charge my shopping cart will show on your receipt. A correct invoice will be mailed with your order. Please put the words DECEMBER SPECIAL in the comments area of your order. You may also call or email, but be sure to mention the DECEMBER SPECIAL; otherwise, you may not get the special price.

With Warm Holiday Regards to you ALL, 
Jackie the SoapLady

P.S.  Dear Santa, please bring me the SixThreeZero Paisley Bike this year
--er, right after peace and joy to the WORLD!